Imaco’s Commitment

International Marketing of Agriculture Commodity (Imaco)  is a rice processing, and agro-commodity company that forms to help rice farmers reduce post-harvest loss through the latest technology and market farmers rice locally and internationally.

Imaco Inc., with its state of the art technology in processing and milling of rough rice, distributes processed rice to select rice distributors for purchase by consumers. The company makes direct sales to the government and export hundred percent organic rice to its US-based and international health-conscious rice consumers.

Imaco has a strong bond and works with farmers rice cooperatives to market their crops, but the company also maintains complete control from tilling to milling while using a state of the art facility to provide rice of unsurpassed quality.

We value the labor and proficiency of our rice producers in Liberia. A lot of appreciation for our customers, and we are proud to work in the interest of our shareholders.