Rice Information

An Introduction to Rice

Rice is considered the most important grain in the world as two-thirds of the people on earth depend on it for nutrition and caloric intake. The past few decades, rice crop has seen consistent increases in demand and its growing importance is evident in the strategic food security planning policies of many countries. Rice is the staple and most important food product in many countries in Africa, especially the Central and West African region, including Liberia and constitutes a significant part of the diet.



The climate, soil and the rainfall needed for rice cultivation in Liberia are ideal, and rice production has been substantial. In Liberia today, primary rice production is concentrated mainly in three regions of the country. Lofa, Bong, and Nimba Counties make up 65% of the rice-producing areas in the country.

Lofa is considered an essential rice-producing province and located in the northernmost part of the nation. Nimba is a county in the northeastern part of Liberia and is the second largest-rice growing county, followed by Bong County that lies in the north-central portion of Liberia.