Imaco distributes three types of premium rice to select rice distributors for resale to consumers, two varieties of long and medium grain white rice and whole grain red rice.

The regular milled long and medium grain white rice with its high-quality, low starch content go through the entire milling process of the husking, the whitening-polishing, laser sorting, and grading, blending stage and then bagged.

The whole grain red rice with it added health benefits of being a powerful antioxidant, rich in fiber, excellence source of magnesium is a complex carbohydrate that is considered energy food, that’s said to help lower blood glucose, etc.  It goes through a milling process where only the husk removes from the unmilled rice kernel and the bran that remains give the rice a beautiful red color then graded and packaged.

Imaco supplies its rice distributors with long, medium grain white and short whole grain red rice packaged in 100lbs/50kgs and 50lbs/25kgs bags.

Imaco focuses on the quality of its process rice and delivers exceptional customer service.

The company makes direct sales to the government, non-governmental organizations, etc.

The direct sales of the long and medium grain white and red rice sells in bulk (upon request), 100lbs/50kg, 50lbs/25kgs or as preferred by the customers.

Imaco exports hundred percent organic whole grain red rice to its health-conscious rice consumers in the United States and Internationally. The company maintains complete control while working with the rice grower from the careful selection of the best quality organic seed up till the designed post-harvest handling. The company then uses a state of the art technology to assess the rough rice, mill, and transport further.

The hundred percent organic short grain red rice usually ships in bulk and package at the company’s US-based facility.