Process & Milling


Milling Rice

Rice in its basic form called “rough rice” and covers by a non-edible hull or husk. Since the rough rice entering the milling facility is coming from thousands of rice farmers, Imaco has a unique reception area and grain laboratory to analyze the raw rice. The rough rice is access to verify that the quality meets the company’s minimum standard. The samples are tested for moisture, milling yield, and examined carefully for weeds, insects, etc. The rice analysts then use software technology to measure the whiteness of the samples, to be able to match farmers with their crop/product.

The rough rice delivers to the day bin to keep the flow of the unpolished rice into the system consistent and uniform. The air-screen cleaner removes waste followed immediately by a magnet to present clean paddy for milling.

The mill operators monitor the raw rice coming into the latest technology husker, whitener, polisher, tips screener, the metal separator for removal of ferrous and non-ferrous, length sizing equipment, laser color sorter, and packaging.

The company possesses the latest advanced technology to process rice and distribute immediately for consumption.